How should I choose the mattress that is best for me?
Remember that no particular mattress is perfect for all, as each comes with its own specific features. Hence, it is best to choose a mattress based on your individual preference and body profile.

What is the ideal thickness for a mattress?
Mattress thickness depends upon the amount of cushioning needed, materials used to construct the mattress and other factors. Solid core mattresses are typically available in less than 8 inches thickness. Spring mattresses can have a thickness of up to 10 inches.
In general, we recommend that you go in for a spring mattress of 8 inches and above thickness. For a solid core mattress a thickness of up to 6 inches is ideal as a thicker mattress may be too heavy and cumbersome to handle.

What is a Pillow Top and Euro Top mattress?
Pillow Top and Euro Top refer to additional layers on top of the normal cushioning in a mattress. They are designed to offer more comfort that the regular variant of the same mattress. While Euro Top is an additional layer on top of the regular mattress, Pillow Top is an augmented layer.

Is a soft mattress the most comfortable to sleep on?
Soft and plush mattresses definitely seem comfy and luxurious. However, keep in mind that while a soft mattress might be suitable for most people, for some others it may cause body pain due to the spine flexing excessively during sleep.

How should I clean my mattress?
Frequent vacuuming is the best way to keep your mattresses clean and well maintained. In case any liquid spills on the mattress, clean it immediately with an absorbent cloth and air dry well. Do not use excessive heat to dry your mattresses as it may cause damage.