Love Yourself

As the day comes to a halt, all you need is a night of peaceful rest and comfortable sleep. With your needs in mind, Florid has been weaving luxurious sleep solutions since 2015. We have always known the secret to self-love; an unperturbed sleep, that helps you wake up rejuvenated and turn your days active and productive. When we applied our knowledge to practice, Florid was born. Thus, Florid is the essence of loving yourself. Headquartered in Cochin, Florid has been spreading love all across South India with our wide network.

The best sleep always comes with a well-made bed which is cozy, soft and comfortable. Florid mattresses provide the most important ingredient to that perfectly made bed. Our mattresses are not only comfortable but are also elegant, blending seamlessly with your decor. It is an indulgence in luxury. We make our mattresses from the finest raw materials that are perfectly safe and health friendly. They are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in Palakkad, Kerala using automated processes from Europe.

When you truly love yourself, you gift yourself something special. When it comes to sleep products, we are delighted to tell you that your search ends with Florid, for we offer you a wide range of high-quality mattresses and sleep accessories. Embrace comfort like never before with the whole range of Florid Products.

At Florid, we understand that sleep requirements vary from person to person. We endeavor to cater to the specific needs of every category of sleepers with their wellness and sheer pleasure in mind, which meet their preferences and tastes in mind. To accomplish the same, extensive research is carried out by experts in our team. We have a dedicated team of professionals that fervently strives to apply innovative science in upgrading our mattresses from time to time to be on par with the advancements in technology and your growing demands. This also helps us stay ahead of the competition in being a trusted and popular choice.

In the Florid range, one can find a variety of mattress designs, with Coir, PU Foam, Bonnell Spring, Pocketed Spring, Memory Foam and Latex Foam all in one place including a selection of orthopedic mattresses, designed with customer’s health and wellbeing in the forefront. Our products are designed for customers who value sophistication, comfort, and quality. As such the entire range of products is crafted from a deep insight into specific customer requirements.

Honesty, Trust, Commitment, Value for Money, and Social Justice are the values that we embrace while pursuing our business goals. We are always driven by our motto: Love Yourself and do everything in our capacity to ensure that you Love Yourself.